Monday, June 22, 2009

Joyce Baresel

Joyce Baresel (pictured) and her friend Christa Roenser, just finished a fun night downtown, when they decided to take a cab home e
arly Sunday morning on June 18th.

At exactly 1 a.m., Baresel's life would change forever.

As the cab traveled eastbound on Columbia Parkway, near Torrence Parkway, a rock came through the windshield.

According to reports this is what transpired:

"I heard, like, a loud noise, and thought it was just a rock hitting the windshield," Roenser said.

She looked at her friend and discovered it was much worse.

"She had her head down," Roenser said. "Her head was in her hands, and that's when I saw we were both covered in blood."

Reports say that Baresel - a 23-year-old skin care specialist from New York, residing in Batavia and who works at Mitchell's Salon - suffered a skull fracture, facial nerve damage and brain damage. She is currently listed as "in critical condition" at University Hospital's neuro unit.

Even though doctors say that Baresel will recover, they say it could still take several months and they project that she'll have permanent nerve damage.

Apparently, what happened to Baresel was not just an unfortunate freak accident. According to reports, at least 10 cars have been targeted along Columbia Parkway near Torrence Parkway. Baresel's incident just happened to be the first that ended in horrific results.

The police are labeling the incidents as "pranks."

I can't even begin to fathom that there are individual(s) out there who would be so utterly disgusting to do such things...all in the name of a laugh or as a means to fight boredom or to get their rage out.

Stories like these make my blood boil.

Stories like this make me wanna get all Moses on whoever-did-this' ass.

Stories like this make me ask God, "How can you forgive asshole punks like this?"

If I had it my way, I'd find whoever did this and stone them to death.

That seems like a fair punishment right?

But since I love Jesus, and
since I know that the consequences they will face before God will be far-more fitting than a human pelt-down, my anger is waned...slightly.

So all I can do is pray...

...pray for Baresel and her quick recovery and that at the end of everything, she'll be miraculously healed and in better shape before the accident. Yes...that's the definition of a miracle, people.

...pray for
Baresel's family and friends that they may experience God's peace and strength and courage during this difficult time. And pray that they aren't discouraged or lose faith in God.

...and lastly, pray for the individual(s) responsible for all of this. Pray that they will stop their so called "pranks" and stop putting the lives of people in jeopardy. Pray for their forgiveness and that they will be so broken with contrition that they will come forward and turn themselves into the police and try to right the horrible wrongs they did.

And another thing I'll do is help...however I can.

Because I realize that Baresel is the same age as my sister and I realize how many times she has driven Columbia Parkway to get to her friend's house or Mt. Lookout or Mt. Adams.

Because I realize how many times both of well as countless others...have driven that route...and we came away unscathed.

Because it could've been ANY. ONE. OF. US.

Since Baresel didn't have any health insurance at the time of the incident (my blood boils at the whole health care system...but that'll be for another post)...and her recovery could take several months - which in turn means immense medical bills and follow-up treatments, coupled with the fact that she'll be out of commission to work -
family and friends are asking anyone wanting to make a contribution to help offset her expenses, to make a contribution to the "Joyce Baresel Fund" at any Fifth Third Bank branch.

Also, the Pub Crawl Fundraiser for Joyce Baresel will take place this Saturday, June 27 in Mt. Adams. A $20 wristband and bar specials will surely help start put a dent in Baresel's inevitable expenses.

So, please, show your support for Baresel, either on Saturday or at a Fifth Third location.

And show support through your prayers.

...because Joyce needs them now, more than ever.

***Police are asking that anyone with information about these rock-throwing incidents, to contact Crime Stoppers at (513)352-3040 or text tips to (513)352-3050. Cash compensation may be awarded for pertinent info. ***

***Click here for updates on the investigation**


5chw4r7z said...

More like pre-meditated murder that just hasn't been successful yet.

Maureen said...

bob...i swear man...if i didn't respect/love God...i'd personally hunt these people down.

true story.

janice said...

an update on Joyce......tomorrow Aug 8 2013 a little over 4 years after this happened Joyce will be having her 11 surgery. The kid that was in jail has been out for a year.