Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Final Friday 2/26/10: MiCA 12/v

*This is the second of a series of blog posts about my Final Friday experiences. 

From OUTSIDE and Cafe de Wheels, we headed to MiCA 12/v ...

We were instantly greeted by owner Mike who asked, "White...or red?"

We like shop owners who greet us in this fashion. We likey a lot.

Mike has a great collection of Wire & Twine merch at MiCA. I proposed a challenge to Mike**: could he get one of W&T's most popular shirt, "Nice Tweets" in the store BEFORE the next Final Friday? I told him, if he could, then I would Tweet about it and organize a mini-Tweetup so that all the Twitterati could get the shirts at FF. 
Mike said that he was up to the challenge. 
I'm holding you to your word Mike.
You have more than a month.
Let me know when you get the shirts in Mike...and I will commence the pimping.

You can find MiCA 12/v on Facebook and Twitter
You can find Wire & Twine on Facebook and Twitter.

**See comments for challenge update.


MiCA 12v said...

Hey Mojo. It was a complete pleasure having you and the roving band of bloggers in OTR's Gateway Quarter and MiCA last Friday. Talked to my friends at Wire and Twine and the "Nice Tweets" T is a special project between Wire& Twine and the Nerdist. The T-Shirt is only available thru the website. The best way for me to help you get this great T-Shirt is to refer you directly They will take good care of you. Enjoy your Nice Tweets Tee.

Maureen said...

Thanks Mike for having us...and reading! Bummer about the shirt...but at least we tried, didn't we?!