Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Pastor Between Two Kingdoms


Just got my copies of Joe Boyd's newest book, Between Two Kingdoms.

Glad I waited to purchase the book, as today, the book was available after all the weekend celebrations at the Vineyard, with all proceeds ($10 per copy) going to the Luke 4 Challenge. As an added bonus, Joe signed personalized copies.

I grabbed a copy for me and the sis


I asked Joe to sign mine as "Tweet worthy."

...I think he delivered!

If you missed the book launch at the Vineyard, no worries! You can still purchase the book directly from the publisher or on Amazon. Word on the Tweet stream is that BTK may soon be available on Kindle as well.

So get to it!

Cuz if you don't...I'll just have to punch you in the face.


Click here to get an inside-the-author's-mind-perspective on the book.

You can also find BTK on Facebook and Twitter.

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