Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Awkward Family Photos

Boy, I sure do love me the Internets machine.

Every. Single. Day. I find something that just stops and make me go...WTF?! or makes me snort and some sort of beverage come outta my nose!

Yesterday, I found this site:

People! This site is craaazy good!

Just as the name implies, the site is dedicated to serve as a virtual database of the most awkward family, wedding, vacation, engagement, baby and prom photos...of the familial genre...known to man.

Here are some of my faves...so far (click on the caption links to view the hilarious comments that accompany each photo)...

I can't enough of this shizz man!


Please upload your own awkward family photos ASAP!

It's simple to do. Just click here and follow the instructions.

You can also follow the site's tweets and become its Facebook fan (which just happens to have MORE awkward pics!)

Spread the word, so we can have more browsing pleasure!

And you better believe I'll be doing my part in adding to the database - on behalf of my family - with this jewel of an initial submission...

Creepy Indian Dad

What makes this photo awkward you may ask?

Two words: my father.

Another family member - who just happened to be present at the shoot - said that his mischievous look made it seem like he was doing "something" to my mom and that's why she was grimacing. The way he's staring right into the camera just makes it all the more creepier. Trust me when I tell you that this scanned version doesn't do justice to the hard copy and his piercing gaze.

When I questioned my parents about the goings-ons behind this picture, all I got was a loud chuckle from my father, and then...silence.

Which was the most awkward of all.

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