Friday, May 15, 2009

The New Mile High Club

As if air travel isn't stressful enough, now the people at Air New Zealand have increased the pressure for the passengers of its inaugural "Matchmaking Flight." And we're not just talking cabin pressure, people.

According to reports, the airline's new venture, coined "Love at First Flight," is aimed to help single Americans find New Zealand dates.

The report goes on to say the Boeing 777 will depart Los Angeles on Oct. 13, arriving 13 hours, 10 minutes later in Auckland, N.Z., after which passengers are encouraged to attend the Skycity Convention Centre's Great Matchmaking Ball, a singles-only party. Roundtrip ticket prices start at $780 and ticket holders are also encouraged to upload an online dating profile, six months before departure.

Before take-off, passengers will attend a pre-flight gate party at Los Angeles Airport, and themed food, drink, entertainment and games will be offered during the flight.

"If your dating profile says you enjoy fine wine and long walks on the bea
ch, then New Zealand is your perfect place for romance," says an airline marketer.

So what prompted all this mile high-ery?

The airline claims it needed to come up with innovative marketing ideas since the economic crisis and the swine flu outbreak have dampened "sales."

But inspiration for the speed-dating flight mainly came flooding in, after the airline released an ad depicting its staff in body paint. The spot has become an Internet sensation:



I can't even get a date for the life of me while I'm "grounded," so the thought of being stuck on a 13-hr-plus flight, socially interacting with a bunch of strangers, WHILE still managing to look cute, AND being able to walk away with a few numbers after absolutely revolting to me.

Someone...quick!...hand me a barf bag.

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