Friday, July 10, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys...

I don't know why this picture makes me smile coyly to myself.

Usually, when I see men gawking, I puke in my mouth...and then into the sis'.

But there's just something about this pic that just makes me happy and warm-all-over.

And really, after close introspection, I strongly believe it's because this picture just solidifies what I already assumed about our President:

Obama is a freak.*

And baby...

...mama loves her some freaks.


(Note: Sarkozy's actions are not anything new...everyone knows he's a dog.)

(Note-to-the-note: Okay, okay, so there's apparently video that may clear up Obama's twice-over...but in my'll always be because he likes big butts and he cannot lie.)

(Note-to-the-note's-note: Okay...can you even BEGIN to imagine the beat down Bama got from Michelle when they got back home??!! Oh to be a fly on that wall!)

(Alright...I'm done.)

*Takes know one.


Mr. Thoms said...

Yeah except for the fact that she is 16.

Maureen said...

correction mr.thoms...


(not that makes any of this better.)