Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Next Chapter

It all started with one. single. status update. (click image for larger resolution):

That single status update has led to the next chapter in my life.

Steve Phillips not only responded to the update thread, but privately messaged me wanting to learn more about how my job search was going.

After numerous
back-and-forth messages and emails, a phone interview and two in-house interviews with Steve...I am now employed because of that one. single. status update.

Tomorrow, Monday, July 13, I will start working for Steve and Purple Trout, as the new Director of Business Development.

Admittedly, if you had asked me at the beginning of the year, if I'd be working for an Internet search engine optimization company, I would've said, "Come again?!"

But that's the story of my life.

Just when I think I finally have wrapped my brain around in trying to figure my life out...God goes and turns it...COMPLETELY...upside down.

Does this mean that I'm no longer a journalist/media professional?

Quite the contrary.

Ironically, it was my extensive media background that made me an ideal candidate for the position...according to Steve.

And I'll be utilizing t
hose very skills in securing new clients for and promoting the PT brand. (Note: So if your company needs help with search engine marketing me! I can hook you up!)

Since I was laid off, back in January, it has been a long seven months of trying to secure some form of full-time work.

Along the way, there have been countless people that have supported me.

Whether it was a phone call, a prayer, a kind word, a card, a note, an email, a text, a joke, an anecdote, a drink, a dinner, a coffee, a night out on the town, advice, a shoulder to lean/cry on, financial assistance, short-term freelance projects, an offer to pass my resume along, a heads up on a job opening at their company, a heads up on a job opening at another company, a Facebook message, a Tweet, a DM, a hug, a professional reference, a professional recommendation, a word-of-mouth referral, a link to job listings, possible new start-up business ventures, care, concern, faith or confidence in me, emotional support, etc., - WHATEVER form it was - I just wanted to say...

Thank you.

Thank you for being there for me.

You may or may not remember how your
kindness and thoughtfulness moved me...but I will NEVER forget.

I hope that I, in some humble way, can repay each and every one of you for your generosity.

And...without further adieu...and in no particular order (well, except for the first four listed)...I want to thank each. and. every. one. of. you. (And if I have forgotten anyone, please don't take it brain's just getting old. Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to include you.)

You know how you specifically helped me during my difficult unemployment. I don't have to write it out.

But I just wanted to acknowledge it...and you....

And last but not least, a special thanks to Steve and the rest of the Purple Trout family.

Needless to say, I am very excited about this new chapter in my life and am looking forward to working with an incredible team of people and for an exciting company that's definitely going places.

Thank you Steve and the PT family for giving least... chance.


Anonymous said...

congrats on the new job!!

Cindy said...

Woo Hooo! Congrats!!!

Daniel said...

Congratulations on your new job! I am marking down to get in touch with you in about a month so you can tell your story on okay?

julieunplugged said...

What an awesome story Maureen! I like how you remember who has been there for you. :) Congrats.