Monday, July 6, 2009

What Would Jesus' Face Do?

I've often wondered about Jesus' facial expressions while He was here on earth.

Were the people around Him able to read His emotions?

Did Jesus wear His emotions on His sleeve?

There have been numerous documentation in the Bible about the various human emotions that Jesus felt and experienced. There's no denying that while He felt sad, angry and disappointed, that those emotions would play out physically in His demeanor, gestures and expressions.

What I want to know is, how did Jesus (non-verbally, facially) react to those who persecuted or mistreated Him?

I've been pondering this more recently since I find mys
elf trying to practice grace more and more in my daily life with people that are just plain ole rude and disgusting.

I know how to look past someone's despicable behavior and love them like Jesus would...that I have down pat. But it's the how I look when
I'm doing it...that has me a little bewildered.

Because sometimes when I say, "God bless you," - to the countless mean sales clerks who don't even make eye contact with me and literally throw my merchandise and receipt at me - I can't even muster the strength for a fake smile. It's like my face doesn't match the words coming outta my mouth and I bet if someone were watching me in closed caption, they would think I was just mumbling a swear word.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not like I have a sour puss face on...I think what would best describe my usual expression when confronted with obvious hatred and meanness would be...stone faced or emotionless.

In general I don't think there's anything wrong with that, but I don't feel right about it...and that's usually a strong (divine) indication, to me, that I need to change my behavior...ASAP.

Did Jesus put on a fake grin and exuberantly shout, "Bless you my son!" when someone spat in His face? Or did He just utter the words stone faced? I can't imagine Jesus ever being fake and insincere.

But I really want to know...what would Jesus' face do in a similar situation?

I do believe that I should be sincere in blessing those who cu
rse me, otherwise, in God's eyes, I'd just be going through the motions.

And when I say to someone, "God bless you," after they have mistreated me, I sincerely mean it from the bottom of my heart, because I recognize that it's not the actual person that's doing it...but rather it's just a Satanic attack.

Now if I can just get my face to convey my sincerity...


Mr. Thoms said...

Interesting and thought provoking.

Maureen said...

why thank you mr. p. r. thoms.

so the real question is...

...why aren't you writing interesting and thought provoking blogs? (and don't give me that i-like-numbers-better-than-words schpeel.)

Mr. Thoms said...

Well I do not want to flood the market with interesting and thought provoking blogs. You know the whole supply and demand thing.

5chw4r7z said...

you posted a picture.
of yourself!
I'm gobsmacked