Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You, (Yes You!) Are Awesome...and for that, I am Thankful

I've been fortunate in my life, to know a lot of people.

as with anything in life, there are obvious pros and cons that come with that.

I know many people that I share the same interests, beliefs, lifestyle, etc., with and then, there are many people who are the polar opposite from me.

Frankly, I love that I have a wide-ranging spectrum of friends and acquaintances because quite honestly, who wants to surround themselves with people just like themselves? What an incredibly (boring) sheltered bubble of a life that would be to live.

But it's those very differences that I want to take a moment to celebrate and cherish.

I strongly believe that when you meet someone - whether a coworker, a friend, a friend of a friend, a server at a restaurant, a salesperson, a social networking connection, etc.,
- God divinely intended for that meeting/introduction to happen.

For what reason? I may never know right this second how the people I meet are supposed to figure out in the equation of my life, but I know, without a shadow of a doubt, our "collision" in life was divinely ordained and serves a greater purpose other than just the superficialities of this world/life that we can see.

I know I must rub many of you I know the wrong way, whether it be through my strong personality/beliefs/opinions/etc and for that, I am truly sorry, but thanks for putting up with me. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. I know I have done the same for you.

As I look through my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I look at each and every one of you and think to myself, "Wow. These people are awesome." Why? Because God loves each and everyone of you and gave me the privilege of getting to know you all.

And with Thanksgiving just two days away, I reflect on all the things I am grateful for, and I am grateful that you are part of my life.

Whether through an @ reply on Twitter, a Facebook wall post/comment, a social opportunity to hang out together, a hug, an email, a phone call, a text, a blog comment...you all have meant the world to me, in some shape or form.

You, being in my life, has enriched me in so many ways that are far numerous to list at this moment. I learn something every day from you.

You are so special and awesome, that God made only one of you in all your beauty and glory. You are magnificent. You are wonderful.

I want to tell you that I care about and love each and every one of you.


Because you, you are awesome.

God certainly thinks so.

And for that, I'm eternally grateful.

With Love and Thanksgiving,


5chw4r7z said...

Silly, we luv ya even more for your strong beliefs and opinions.
God Bless you and have a joyful Thanksgiving Day.

Maureen said...

aww bob

*melts into puddle*

you and em have a blessed thanksgiving!


Jenny K said...

<3 i am so grateful that you are in my life :)

Maureen said...

aww jenny! *hugs* ditto babe. ditto.

karizma said...

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