Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Filled with ♥

The weekend started out with a fabulous, romantic dinner at Oriental Wok in Ft.Wright on Friday night. If you haven't been, you owe it to yourself. The owners, the Wongs, and the staff, will treat you like royalty...and a member of their own family. And don't forget about the food...definitely worth the extra penny than your regular Chinese joint.

(American and Indian eating gourmet Chinese)

(We found an army of adorable table decorations hiding out in the coat room at OW)

Then we headed home for a quite evening at home...and the unveiling of my "big surprise" for Adam.

It all started with this card I found...

"A big scoop of love
A hug and a kiss
To tell you this...
'You're super great!'
(inside of card)
See, Adam loves ice cream. No seriously, I mean he loves ice cream. He eats it and sometimes multiple times a day. I mean he loves the stuff so much that he even started a FB fan page.  

So as soon as I saw the card, I knew it was perfect...and just meant to be.

What other option did I have than getting him a basket full of all his favorite ice cream (and toppings) to go along with his card?!
(There were 8 pints of his fave ice cream in there!)

Needless to say, he was speechless!...
 (Inspecting his loot)

...And very, very happy!

I even got him a heart-shaped bowl (and a red-glitter spoon) that he has been specifically instructed to use to eat all the contents of the basket, regardless if it's just one scoop...or a few pints...
 (Ice cream ♥)

He didn't waste any time executing his role of ice cream quality assurance taste tester ...

All settled in and enjoying his present. It was a great way to watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony...  

Saturday we had a double date with my wife and her man, Sam, for dinner and a movie (FYI, save your money and wait for "Wolfman" to hit your TV screens.)

Then Sunday, Adam gave me one of the best presents he could have ever given me...coming to church with me. Oh, and he also gave me flowers & a card...
 (Fiona & Kitty made sure Adam's gifts passed quality & sentimentality eating the leaves.)

Then Sunday evening was QT movie time...and massive food home with the other love in my life...the sis.

All in all, it was a great weekend filled with ♥ and loved ones!

Hope everyone was able to spend time with those they love this past weekend!

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