Tuesday, March 10, 2009

You're Not Fooling Anyone...

I find it incredibly deplorable and cowardly when people try to justify or rationalize things so that, ultimately, they can feel good about the controversial, politically correct...or incorrect...choices they make.

It disgusts me when people stand up and defend their choices, at the lives, suffering and anguish of others.

I can't wrap my head around the choices that people make that make them feel good or satiated, at the expense of others.

We live in a society that has the "moral code," "As long as no one gets hurt, then I should be able to do whatever I want!"

But what do you say of those who live by the "moral code," I do
n't care who or what I hurt, as long as I'm happy, I can do whatever I want?"

Typically, these people are the ones who have no accountability to anyone or anything.

They don't believe in or are accountable to a higher/divine power, let alone to other people in their lives.

Sometimes, I wonder if these people
are even accountable to their own selves and their consciences.

These people also hide behind their "well-thought out," "intelligent," research, arguments, studies, articles, debates, ideologies, etc.

To these people, I urge you to remember this...

in the end, no matter how anyone tries to rationalize something, there are simply only two choices:

1. right


2. wrong

There are facts that go along with those choices, that no one can't ignore or argue around.

It's kinda like trying to argue against the fundamentals of life: the sun shining, the sky being blue,
gravity, etc.

You can try to justify your choices and actions, but in the end...

...your gluttonous ways...shows.

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