Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview Ready

So, I have my first interview, in more than two years, coming up later in the week.

It's for a job that I really, really want and am excited about. Am I nervous? Sure. Am I anxious and worried about how the interview will go? Not really. Interviews don't intimidate me.

Do I worry about whether I'll get it or not? Absolutely. Especially since I really want the position.

But, as with everything in my life, I'm leaving everything in God's control. My duty is to act on the faith that I have in Him for my future.

That's typically how I prepare for any interview.

I was looking through some old photos I brought back from my parents' home in the Caribbean and I found the picture above.

It looks like I was going on an interview. For a tennis instructor position. Pigtails and all. I was 7. How could my mother dress me like that? How could my mother allow me to dress myself like this? How could my mother let me leave the house looking like this? How could my father then make me pose for a picture to document it for infinity?

Wonder if I went in the same gettup for this week's interview, if I'll bag the gig?

1 comment:

5chw4r7z said...

Cute attack!!

break a leg on the upcoming interview.

I'll going die now from cute overload.