Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scarier Than the Craigslist Killer?

So, there's no denying that Phillip Markoff, the Craigslist Killer, is one pretty scary dude. He's been accused of some pretty horrendous things.

But know who's even scarier than Markoff?

His fiancee Megan McAllister.

On Tuesday, the day Markoff was arraigned on charges of murder, kidnapping, and armed robbery, McAllister stood by her man.

She told ABC News in an e-mail: "Philip is an intelligent man who is just trying to live his life. ...We expect to marry in August and share and wonderful, meaningful life together.”

McAllister also sent an email to People defending Markoff: "Philip has not been convicted," she wrote. "A policeman who wished to make money off this story sold it to countless companies. Philip is a beautiful man inside and out and did not commit this crime. Unfortunately, somebody else did and needs to be penalized. Philip was set up and you are wrong to be asking me for stories."

I understand that in the American justice system, someone is considered innocent, until proven guilty, but I really can't see how
McAllister remains so loyal in spite of all Markoff's current legal woes.

Obviously, the authorities have substantial evidence to arrest Markoff as a suspect, and according to the reports, that evidence is pretty damning.

That's why
McAllister is even more scarier to me than Markoff will ever revealed to be.


Here's a woman - for whatever reason, whether it be mental issues, initial sock and numbness about surfaced reports - who is willing to see past the damning evidence and hold on to the vision of the man that she thinks she knows.

That kinda of loyalty is scary. The kinda loyalty that makes you do, say, believe ANYTHING the other person wants you to.

There's no turning back from that place.

There have been numerous psychological studies about criminals...and the women who love them, as in the cases of Scott Peterson and Drew Peterson (though Drew Peterson's engagement was revealed to be a stunt later), but what can be said about a woman such as McAllister?

Now, I'm not the type of woman who'll bail on her mate, when the tough gets going, but I wonder if McAllister is really just numb or in the throws of extreme denial.

Has she been brainwashed completely by Markoff?

Or is this just a case of love being blind?

Either way, it's pretty scary stuff I tell ya.

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Jamie said...

If someone I got engaged to was arrested for murder, I'd probably be in denial too. I mean, how scary to think that you thought you knew someone well enough to agree to spend the rest of your life with that person, only to find out you don't know them at all.