Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Object of Her Affection

If this story had aired on Good Morning America on April 1st and not today, April 8th, then
maybe I would've bought it.

Who knew that Objectum Sexuality (OS) even existed?!
Geesh! What is this world coming to I tell ya?!

A woman falls in love and marries the Eiffel Tower and then changes her name to reflect the union?! Now, that's hardcore lunacy.

Some people who have OS claim that their feelings aren't perverse, but rather a form of asexualism.

Yeah, right!

Erika Eiffel, the woman in the GMA story, claims she's in love with the beauty of the Eiffel Tower mainly for its architectural and structural beauty.

One look at the Eiffel Tower and what anatomical part of the male body does it remind you of? ass!

No wonder she fell in love!

Photo courtesy of GMA.

Who wouldn't?!


*Side note: I wonder if Pure Romance will pick up on this new trend and start a new line of products?!

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