Friday, April 24, 2009

You Say I'm Crazy? Well, I Got Your Crazy!

So my tweep, Mark, tweeted a tweet
yesterday that caught my eye:

"If you want this product, you have officially crossed the "Crazy Cat Person" threshold:"

To which, I immediately, of course, responded:

"not gonna lie. i would SO TOTALLY buy one of these. i even thought about getting something similar built for our backyard, so my cats could roam around in the grass. we crazy cat people have to do what we gotta do.


>^..^< "

Now, I'm VEHEMENTLY against caging animals. That's why I hate zoos and circuses (besides other reasons.) I think
it certainly qualifies as a form of animal cruelty.

There's a BIG difference in keeping pets in your house or in a secu
rely fenced-in property - and letting them have full range to roam freely when and where they so choose - and keeping them in a cage in your house or yard. Any...humane...dummy can see that.

And since I really don't have any plans to build a fence any
time soon, having a SunCATcher (Get it?! God, I love genius marketing play on words!), such as the one above, seems like a great alternative. Though anyone could argue that building a fence, for less than an acre of land, would probably be less or round about the same price of the Basic SunCATcher. (Am I wrong? Any carpenters out there? I don't do well with wood...or lumber...guesstimations.)

ANYWAYS...I digress...

Fiona and Kitty LOVE going outside.

They're always sitting in the windows, longingly gazing out at the swirl of activity going on and they smell the grass t
hrough our door cracks, and end up going crazy, meowing and pawing to be let out.

So, being
the kind mommy that I am, I indulge them, often, weather permitting.

Fiona loves rolling on the walkway, eating grass, chasing after leaves, stalking birds, sneaking away into the neighbor's yard,
while Kitty loves smelling pine cones, dive-bombing Fiona, and eating then throwing up (in that order), grass.

It's a common sight around my neighborhood, to see me and my babies outside on my front lawn. My one neighbor - the same one who came and...creepily...cleared our driveway, yelled out to me the other day, "Walking your cats again?!" I turned to him, pumping my chest, "And what?! SO SUE ME!" (No, it's cool between us. Swear. We're neighbors.)

Walking my cats involves time, supervision and duration restrictions, and sometimes I just want Fi and Kitty to be able to come and go outside, as they please. And not feel like they are locked up in the house.

That's why the SunCATcher appeals to me so much. The company couldn't have said it better:

"Finally...your indoor cat can enjoy the freedom of the outdoors! Our revolutionary SunCATcher Outdoor Cat Enclosures allow your cat to come and go outside as it pleases and bask in the sun's natural rays without the fear of escape!"

Installing one of these beauts in the backyard would make Fi and Kitty SO happy!

And that makes momma happy!

So until some burly, hunky man comes along to build me and my babies our dream fence, I have the SunCATcher to drool over. (Hey! Maybe I can get creepy-neighbor dude to build it for me?! *proceeds to scheme*)

In the meantime...*puts in order for catalog*