Monday, April 20, 2009

Jesus Believes in Satan...Do You?

Nightline aired an interesting show a week go.

It posed the question, "Does Satan Exist?"

Somehow, this question seems ludacris to me. Why it was even up on the table of debate is beyond me.

As a believer, how can one not believe that Satan exists?

How can there be a God without Satan? I'm not implying that our Almighty God's existence is dependent on Satan.

But let's take spirituality out of the equation for a second shall we?

Can we say that light exists?

Then, can we say that darkness doesn't?

Can we say that positive energies/forces/charges exist?

Then, can we say that negative energies/forces/charges don't?

Can we say that the sun exists?

Then, can we say that the moon doesn't?

Can we say that hot temperatures/climates exist?

Then, can we say that cold temperatures/climates don't?

Can we say that beauty exists?

Then, can we say that ugliness doesn't?

Can we say that males exist?

Then, can we say that females don't?

You see, we live in a world of polar opposites. They are all around us.

Without polarity, the world we know, wouldn't exist and crumble around us.

The battle between Good vs. Evil is as old as existence itself.

It's the stuff that blockbuster, epic Disney movies are made of.

It's the stuff that a good ole horror movie is made of.

It's the stuff that fairytales are made of.

But since, I'm a fair-minded individual, I'll let you, the masses, watch the debate and decide for yourselves...

*Note to self: What the hell happened to
Carlton Pearson?! I remember watching him on TBN, back in the day, casting demons outta people! I blinked for a second, and before I knew it, he went and become a "radical heretic!" Geesh! I gotta pay more attention around here.

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Anonymous said...

Most of what you are listing are companions, not opposites. Men and women are companions. Opposites cancel each other out. 1 and -1 are opposites. Add them together and you get 0. In Christianity, a woman joined with a man doesn't become nothing, they become whole. They are companions. The sun and the moon just take each other's place in the sky (in a very loose sense, since the moon is much, much closer to us than the sun). They aren't opposites. They are companions. If they weren't, every planet's moon would be the opposite of the sun, which doesn't make sense. We like to categorize things as being polar opposites, but they doesn't make it true. The 'two races' in America are black and white, a purposeful attempt at polarization that does not exist. Is the opposite of a black man white one? No. Because that is simplifying humanity (what about Indians, latinos, asians?). If Satan exists, it is not because God needs an opposite.