Friday, January 16, 2009

1,000 Beautiful Things

It's a bea
utiful thing what's going on over at Brad Wise's blog!

Beautiful, fun and addictive as heck! I can't stop thinking of things to add!

When the final tally has been reached, I intend on copying all of my contributions and posting them here. In the meantime...what do you consider beautiful? Add them to the list! Or start your own.

Thanks Brad for initiating!

P.s. If you aren't good at math/counting, then you prolly shouldn't attempt. Just saying.


Here are my contributions:

24. Animals
25. Love between a man and a woman
26. Highly-processed "white" foods
27. God's unconditional love

111. Diving into cold water: pool, preferably natural body of water.
119. A long showers
112. Sand between your toes
113. An animal's unconditional love
114. Fried dough
115. Potatoes: fried, roasted, mashed, etc.
116. Warm, tropical breezes
117. Lying in a field of wildflowers, looking up at the clouds
118. Crisp, fall day
120. Chocolate

267. Thunderstorms
268. Freshly-washed sheets
269. Waking up to the sound of rain
270. Sleeping in on a rainy day
271. Full moons
272. Cat purring against your skin
273. Rainbows
274. Cooing baby
275. Dreams of flying
276. Nestling into someone's embrace

364. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
365. Schindler's List
366. Amélie
367. Notes on a Scandal
368. The Shining
369. Seven
370. Caché
371. Lolita (1997)
372. The Kite Runner
373. The Science of Sleep

451. Laughing so hard, your tummy hurts and tears stain your face.
452. Laughing with sister about memories that make you #451.
453. Fiona
454. Kitty
455. Perfectly chilled glass of Asti
456. Anticipation of eating sushi

594. Jasmine flowers
595. Sandalwood
596. Coconut oil
597. Bangles
598. Saris
599. Bindhis
600. Mendhi
601. Smell of frying samosas
602. Call of peacocks in the early morning
603. Smell of garam masala roasting
604. Riding the local Agra express train en route to Taj Mahal
605. Standing in front of the Taj Mahal
606. Tearing into a steaming, pillowy plain naan
607. Smell of good incense
608. Hindi language
609. The sound of paayal (traditional ankle bracelets)
610. Strum of sitar
611. Sound of bansuri
612. The book, "God of Small Things"
613. Pickle
614. Gulab Jamun
615. Murku
616. Basmati rice
617. Monsoon rains
618. Mangoes
619. Sambar
620. Mahatma Gandhi
621. The Kama Sutra

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