Thursday, January 15, 2009

25 Things About Me

A friend tagged me in a Facebook experiment a while back and I happily obliged. It's harder than it seems, coming up with 25 random things about one's self. Go ahead, try it!

Rules: Write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If tagged, it’s because the person who tagged you, wants to know more about you.

1. I was born during Hurricane David in 1979. No lie. Mom had to be evacuated from the ward she was in, because the roof was blowing off. oh, and I was a forceps baby who came out not breathing. So, I was technically born dead.

2. Maureen is not my first name. It's my middle name. And, no, I'm not telling you what my first name is.

3. I have a heart-shaped birthmark somewhere on my body. It actually looks like a deflated heart balloon.

4. I might come off as a tough broad, but really, I'm a softie.

5. I have a deep, dark obsession with...carbs, even though genetically, I shouldn't.

6. I secretly, (ok, maybe not so secret), love Fiona, my Siamese cat, more than MOST humans, including some members of my family.

7. Has had a fascination with serial killers since I was a little girl. I'm always trying to figure out why they are, the way they are. Wanted to be an FBI profiler since I was 5.

8. I will ALWAYS choose salty/savory foods over sweet foods.

9. I'm a pretty fantastic jump-roper. I impress people at the gym all the time.

10. I absolutely DETEST having any kind of attention placed/drawn on me. I'm soo a behind-the-scenes type of gal.

11. Don't wanna get on the top of my s@*t list? Then don't cheat. Infidelity is soo not becoming on anyone.

12. Sometimes, I think I should've been born a guy. I think way too much like one.

13. Secretly, (ok, maybe not so secret), I wish I was a super fab rockstar. Like Trent Reznor. Or Tori Amos.

14. Is a rebel in many ways. I always go AGAINST the mainstream. I like things/people that most don't. I've been like that since a little girl.

15. Wears a certain men's cologne because I love how it smells and just can't wait for a man of her own to wear it.

16. Really has a vigilante/Moses personality and always wants justice to be given to those who rightfully deserve it.

17. Has a really bad temper and is always keeping it in check. Definitely has gotten better over the years though.

18. Is willing to go to prison, in order to save an abused animal/child's life.

19. Was a preschool hooch. No, seriously. When all my little female classmates would run away from the boys screaming, "Ewww cooties!" I'd be the one who'd run up to the boys and kiss them on the cheek. And try to pull their pants down.

20. I love with all my heart. When I love something, I mean it. It's scary and intense all at the same time.

21. Even though I'm vegan, I still crave A LOT of non-vegan foods, like sushi and cheese, ALL the time. I just CHOOSE not to indulge.

22. I am more turned on by a man's godly character than his looks, status or money.

23. Sometimes, wishes that I was a eunuch, so that I could really be more God-like.

24. Would adopt all the unwanted children (and animals) in the world if I could. I'm not interested in having my own biological children, when so many are left unwanted in the system.

25. Is very weird and different from others and wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, lady...good to learn more about you..
So, what's your first name? :)

distorted.girl said...

lol...u don't even wanna know.