Thursday, January 22, 2009

This Lil Piggie Went Home...

Are you freaking kidding me?!!

I really didn't believe the words that I was reading in my Twitter timeline:

"Jean-Robert at Pigall’s to close as famed chef leaves restaurant group."

This is, one of the many reasons, why I have issues with this city. We have a handful of things to be proud of and use to our advantage...tourism/economy-wise, and yet, we somehow just don't seem to be able to keep them.

Why is a hardcore vegan so upset about a stereotypical gourmet French restaurant closing - due to management/partnership issues between Robert and Martin & Marilyn Wade -
its doors at the end of February 2009 (the 28th to be exact- thanks K)? (FYI, I've never dined there.)

While I'm certainly not a fan of its ridiculously expensive and inhumane, NON-VEGAN menu, I am upset of what the closing means to the city: another set of bragging rites to be filed away. Of how things once were. Just like we had to do with The Maisonette.

And even though the restaurant might possibly reopen in the Spring, what would the Cincy culinary scene be without Jean-Robert on 4th St.? (even though he says he'll stay in the area.) And sure, all the other restaraunts Jean-Robert is involved with will remain open, but they just aren't Pigall's.

Is it a coincidence that on the same day that Pigall's was awarded its 5th four-star Mobil rating, that they announce the closing?

I think not.

Wonder how its PR agency came around to that decision. However the decision came about, it was definitely badly played because it just leaves the city dazed and confused on a roller coaster of emotions: "Yay! We got 4 stars again!...oh wait...the restaurant's closing?! Whaaat?! Boo."

I just hope that the Pigall's closing won't affect Twist Lounge at Pigall's. And I wonder if Twist will keep its original name, drop off the "Pigall's" part, or adopt a new name: "Twist Lounge at Formerly-Known as Pigall's?"

Pigall's: 4
Jean-Robert de Cavel: 0
Martin and Marilyn Wade: 0
City of Cincinnati: FAIL

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