Sunday, January 25, 2009

Would You Like Some Cupcake with that Bacon?

Even before I became a vegan, I really wasn't a die-hard fan of bacon, as apparently the rest of the world is. I know! Was something wrong with me?

It wasn't something I necessarily actively sought out or craved. I did appreciate its subtle, smoky flavor in certain dishes and foods, but when given the choice, I used to most always choose sausage over bacon.

So, it was certainly surprising to me when I did finally become vegan, I found myself craving bacon and its smoky deliciousness. I guess it's the whole I-want-what-I-can't-have phenom.

Vegan soy bacon is surprisingly very tasty. Especially if it's Lightlife Smart Bacon. I've tested it out on many, many of my non-vegan family and friends and they all say, admittedly, of course, it's not the real deal, but tastes pretty similar, for the fake version.

When I crave "bacon" nowadays, it's most always in the form of a BLT. I make a mean vegan BLT. Trust me, it's pretty sweet. If I like you, I MIGHT make you one...someday. If you behave.

So, I found myself surprising myself once again, when I came across this culinary anomaly...

That's right folks, it's a Vegan Bacon Maple Walnut...wait for it...cupcake!!

Ingeniously engineered by the folks over at Sweet Ave Bake Shop, a gourmet vegan cupcakery in Rutherford, NJ. And from the looks of it, that lil snippet of "bacon," looks like it may be the beloved Lightlife variety! That can ONLY be a good thing!

Instead of me rambling on and trying to wrap my brain about what this confection is all about, here's the verbatim from the web site:

"Yes, it’s got bacon on it. Vegan soy bacon, of course. We know the whole bacon cupcake thing isn’t new, but we’re also pretty sure there aren’t many other VEGAN bacon cupcakes. And just for the record, it’s a delicious maple walnut cake, topped with a buttery glaze, drizzled with maple syrup, and of course, topped off with a slice of vegan bacon."

I can't wait to place an order and self-taste test pronto! I'm just highly intrigued by how it will taste. That one, and the many others (they have one for each day of the week! Eek!) FYI friends and family who read this blog...not a bad idea at all, to remember this sweetery for future celebratory confections. Just saying.

There is a God. Nom nom nom nom nom.

And yes, I'm THAT kinda girl that just devoted an entire post to a vegan bacon cupcake.


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Micah said...

Makes sense to me. I don't eat bacon often (hardly ever, actually) because I'm watching my heart.

But if we cook it in the house, it all gets eaten.