Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snOMG '09 Miracle of the Day

Woke up with the rest of the OH/KY/IN region to the Great snOMG of '09 (and in case you didn't get the memo...
Snow + OMG! = snOMG! Or conversely, "Snow, My God!" = "snOMG!" Duh.)

As of 11:38 a.m. EST, the reports have been a mixed bag, with some areas receiving more/less snow than others, but according to WLWT, Northern KY (my 'hood), got hit with as much as 7.5 inches.

This kind of snow accumulation spells disaster, in particular for us, because we have a very long...and deep...driveway. A section of the driveway has a retaining, sto
ne wall, which creates a kind of well-effect in our driveway, causing the slightest accumulation to be inches deeper than it actually is. So you can imagine what 7+ inches means.

This morning, I was already dreading the thought of having to shovel outta
the mess - if we don't, our cars are stuck in the garage and we can't get out - and the thought of why, of all the people in our cul-de-sac, how did we get stuck with such poorly designed driveway architecture? Our house builder (thanks Henry Fischer) surely must've hired some designer dude...or dudette...who lives in warmer temps, and hence, the inconsideration for designing for colder...WINTER...Midwest climates.

So there I am, about 4 layers deep...clothing-wise...not snow-wise, as I waited for the garage door to open, and I see this...

Our driveway was completely cleared! I rubbed my eyes and stared at the driveway dumbly...was I hoping/imagining/seeing things?!

Nope. I was right! The driveway had been cleared. And not just shoveled clear...it had been cleared with a snow-blower (click on pic to see track marks.)

What the?! Who the?! How the?! See, we don't have a snow blower. So, it definitely wasn't the sis.

Apparently, our neighbor, who lives caddy-cross from us, found it in his heart to come clear our driveway for us. As I was clearing some remaining spots of snow, he drove by and said, "Sorry I missed those spots."

After gushing with gratitude, I went inside thinking, it's the little (in this case, not so little), kind deeds that people do, that really make you appreciate life more.

I thanked God for showing favor on us and said a prayer of blessing on our neighbor for his kind deed.

I just hope that my neighbor's kind deed was just that...and I won't now have to worry about him being creepy/stalker/neighbor.


Julie said...

When my ex was on a trip out of town for a month, my garbage mysteriously ended up at the curb every Wednesday. Turned out it was the super-nice older man who lived next door to me. There are still nice people in the world!

Tabari said...

I cleared part of the driveway for my 97 year-old Greek neighbor - does that count for anything?

Daniel Johnson, Jr. said...

Very nice!

Events like today provide ample opportunities for folks to be Good Samaritans. Now we just need to keep it up!

Make it a great day!

Andi said...

aw, so nice!

My neighbor brings back my garbage can each week when she brings hers in :)

Maureen Jacob said...

it still takes me by surprise when people do, voluntary, spontaneous, random acts of kindness. i'm jaded like that, but i'm praying to not be...and praying that i continue to pay it forward to others...

and yes, tabari...you get extra karma points!

5chw4r7z said...

I bet part of it was him thinking, "I paid $$ for this snow blower and this maybe the last time I use it this year I'm getting my monies worth" and then did the driveway of the cutest girls on the block.
At least, that's what would be running through my head.