Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Donkey Love

ShannanB of Mommy Bits is the inspiration behind this post.

This is what she tweeted last night (click on image below and see gray highlighted area.)...

"Just asked boys if they wanted a little bro/sis. SM's response...'I'd rather have a donkey.' Guess that's a no."

This literally made my day. I loved it so much that it warranted a new category, "Tweet of the Day." It's so good, that it AUTOMATICALLY and INSTANTANEOUSLY was added to the list.

I told Shannan that I don't blame "SM!" Have you seen donkeys??!! They are sooo stinkin cute!

...not if...I start my own animal sanctuary, I plan on having donkeys be a huge part of the intakes. Though the thought of just having a donkey sanctuary equally thrills me to the bones!

Thanks once again Shannan for making my day. Those are some highly entertaining kiddos you and marty_b have produced!

Keep the hilarity coming!

1 comment:

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

You are too funny. What will be crazy is looking at your analytics a month from now seeing how many people come to your blog via the search term "donkey love." ROFL