Friday, February 20, 2009

A Glass A Day...

This post is dedicated to the Sis...or any other woman who loves her wine...or her Asti.

What's so special about the glass pictured above you ask?

Well, my curious friends, it just so happens that the above-pictured glass is brilliantly engineered to hold an ENTIRE bottle of wine (champagne, vodka, etc.) That's right, an ENTIRE bottle! 750ml to be exact. No more interruptions of
multiple pourings preventing you from enjoying your preferred libation. This is the best thing since...well....since they figured out how to get wine outta grapes!

Hey, they say that a glass of wine a day is a good thing!

Can be purchased here.

And since I prefer sparkling, sweet wines or champagnes to wines any day AND the fact that my birthday is Sept 18, the glass would be the perfect bottle-to-mouth receptacle for my ultimate preferred libation...

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