Monday, February 2, 2009

The Purpose Driven Life #2: All Smiles

Chapter 9: "What Makes God Smile?"

Warren talks about, among many things, pleasing God as being one of the purposes in our life.

And just exactly how do we please God? One of the many ways, is through obedience: doing EXACTLY what God says to do, without asking any questions. This makes God smile.

Noah made God smile. Noah was so pleasing to God, that it actually made God smile.

At one point, God looked down on earth and was so disgusted with the human race that He decided to completely wipe it out and start over...until Noah caught God's eye.

What was so special about Noah? Well, firstly, Noah loved God above everything else. Noah also completely trusted and put his faith in God. And then there's that endearing quality Noah had of diligently obeying God.

You can read more about Noah's story here.

Honestly? I'm jealous of Noah.

Think about it. Of all the people on the earth, he was the ONLY one that pleased God?! I would give anything to be Noah! (I'm desperately working on it.)

My whole goal in life is to make God smile. I hope when all's said and done, I'd blow Noah outta the water. I want God to look at me and say, "Noah who?!"

The thought of God, looking down on me, and smiling at me...lil ole me!...well, makes!

I want to find favor in God's eyes. That is the SINGLE most important thing to me in life.

Now, if I can only get God to look at me and belly laugh, then I'd be hitting it outta the stratosphere!

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distorted.girl said...

wow, we already discussed which old testament character you are most like ;)